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Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are seeking quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, please continue to our FAQs below.

Additional Questions?

  • What is included in your general contracting fee?
    Our general contracting services are designed to create a seamless home building process for our clients. Our fee will include everything from applying for permits, obtaining proper insurance coverages, scheduling trades, dealing with suppliers, thorough quality control checks, trouble shooting as required, assisting with client selections, unlimited on-site meetings, and, of course, our 10 year new home warranty package.
  • How long does it take to get a full quote?
    We encourage all of our prospective clients to give us a full month to provide an accurate, reliable estimate for their project. Our estimates are broken down into 55 categories, so you can see exactly how your budget is allocated throughout the build. We also require full blueprints in order to provide a detailed quote. Basic floorpans are not sufficient.
  • What is your square foot price to build?
    This is a dangerous question. Every project is unique. Every design is unique. Site conditions are unique. We do not provide estimates by the square foot. It is very risky to compare home builders by a general square footage price.
  • How long does it take to build a home?
    Our contract typically reads 12 months, but every project is unique. Our shortest build time was 7 months. Our longest build time was 14 months.
  • My brother is an electrician. Can I have him work on my project?
    Maybe. We have worked with many owner-supplied subcontractors. Regardless of where they come from, all subcontractors must be properly licensed, be responsible for their workmanship, and be willing to fit into our project schedule. If they meet all requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate.
  • Can I pay for the materials myself?
    Our insurance policy requires that any materials and supplies that are on site be paid for directly by us. If the homeowner purchases the material, they would not be covered under our policy in the event of a loss by theft, fire, etc.
  • Will you take a project to lock up stage only?
    Yes. We have taken many projects from foundation to framing, roofing, windows, and exterior doors. This allows the homeowner to complete the project on their own. Keep in mind that our 10 year warranty only applies to projects that we complete fully.
  • Do you provide drafting and blueprint services?
    No. We do not provide drafting services, but we do provide interior design assistance as well as 3D modelling to help you visualize your new home. We do work closely with several local drafting companies if you require a referral.
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