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Stepping Up Our Game in 2019

2019 is setting up to be a very exciting year for Cedar Creek. From offering an insider's look into the world of custom home building on our new YouTube mini-series called "Inside Cedar Creek" to exploring and implementing new building technologies to finding new ways to add massive value for our clients.

We've known for a long time that we deliver a superior product. This year it's all about proving it. Not only will you notice that the fit and finish of your home is second to none, but you'll also have hard evidence that your Cedar Creek home is much more energy efficient than the average new home on the market today. Energy efficiency is where it's at, and we are committed to making sure that our homes are ahead of the curve. For our clients, this means less heating and cooling costs and an overall more comfortable living environment. In this day and age, we just can't help but take advantage of all the best practices that make an average home a fantastic home. You'd be silly not to.

Priest river custom home build

Committed to adding MASSIVE value for our clients.

Not only is our finished product better than most, but we've also created a building experience that fun and exciting. While numbers may be boring, we've given our clients 100% access to our construction schedule and project financials in real time. Transparency breeds trust in this industry.

What's more fun than looking at quotes from suppliers and sub-contractors? You guessed it...unexpected client gifts, adventures, and experiences throughout the build. From Cedar Creek swag to movie passes to theme park tickets to helicopter tours! We want our customers to feel special, because you are! We are so honoured to be trusted with your build, we want to make a point of showing it as often as well can.

cedar creek custom homes clients

Making a point of making our clients feel special!

As a boutique builder that strives to innovate, adapt with the times, and add incredible value for each and every client (big or small), we are here to leave our mark on the construction industry. We are here to create a legacy company that our children can be proud of. We are here to create homes that are above and beyond expectations. We are here to make a difference in our clients lives. A new home is a massive investment. Our goal is to make it worth every penny.


Richard Knappe, Owner

Cedar Creek Custom Homes

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