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Technology is Changing The Way We Build

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

2019 will be a year of dramatic change for our team at Cedar Creek Custom Homes as new technology advances have now made it possible for us to manage an entire project from estimation all the way to completion and warranty follow up in a single software program.

The benefits of implementing this technology are astounding, and we are excited to add massive value for our subcontractors and our clients at the same time. First, let's examine the benefits of this new software for our clients.


- real time access to budget numbers and project expenditures

- on demand insights into upcoming construction schedules

- access to selection timetables to understand upcoming decisions

- on-the-go approval for change orders and selections

- track project progress from anywhere

- share files and photos with the entire Cedar Creek team in once central location

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Smart Home Priest River Idaho


- fewer phone calls to manage

- centralized scheduling for all of our projects

- easy access to clients selection and builder specifications

- project tasks recorded in one location for fewer missed items

- improved communication between trades, clients, and builder

When the technology exists that will improve the building experience for everyone involved, its a no brainer. We are excited to implement this new software in which clients and trades will be able to access their project in real time on their smart phone or computer. Businesses must learn to evolve with new, higher demands from clients and this is one way that we can take what we offer to the next level for everyone's benefit.

Our team prides itself in specializing in building homes for people who don't live close by. Since the majority of our business is building vacation homes, most of our clients live greater than 2 hours away from the project site. Using technology to close this gap even more just makes sense. It will help clients feel more connected with the building process in an organized, simplified fashion.

Want to experience this new software for yourself to see how it can improve your own upcoming new home or renovation project? Shoot us a message at to get set up and see what it can do for you!

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